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links to completed gif challenges:

Have one that's not listed here?  Comment with the link and I'll add it!  And if you haven't completed the meme yet, any memes that are posted to this community or submitted to [ profile] bscmemes will be added to the list automatically. Of course, if you wish, you can also post the meme to your journal and send me the link.

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baby-sitters club gif challenge

Because who doesn't love gifs? This is simple:

  1. Open your gifs folder.  If you don't have a gifs folder, create a gif folder! You'll only need 20 gifs for this to work and they don't have to be BSC.
  2. Each item below has a number next to it.  If the number next to it is 1, place the first gif in your gif folder below the item and so on.
  3. Post here or submit to Tumblr so we can see what you come up with!

The Babysitters Club Gif Challenge:

8. When you have to babysit Karen Brewer:
15. How you act at the Halloween Hop:
1. Your feelings about Kristy Thomas:
11. How you feel when Stacey ditches the BSC:
6. How you feel when Logan starts hanging with the Badd Boyz:
16. When Abby joins the BSC:
12. How you feel about Claudia’s outfits:
17. What you do at BSC meetings:
3. How you feel at the Pikes’ house:
20. When Kristy gives you the Look:
4. Reaction when Mary Anne and Logan breakup:
18. When you see Cokie Mason in the hall:
19. When Claudia and Stacey invite you shopping:
9. How you feel when Charlie Thomas asks you on a date:
14. What you wear to the Halloween Hop:
7. How you feel about Sam/Stacey:
2. How you feel when Dawn moves back to California (again):
13. How you feel when Mimi dies:
5. When people give you the Bizzer sign:
10. How you feel when Mallory decides to go to Riverbend: